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Timithy L Gordon

Timithy L Gordon Fine Art

Aztec, NM


Timithy L. Gordon was born in Farmington, New Mexico in 1946 and now lives in Aztec, New Mexico. Tim developed an interest in art at a very early age and was encouraged by his family and friends though out his life.
Tim is largely a self-taught artist and is still learning. While in the Air Force, he painted some 10 murals for the Air Force and is a veteran of Vietnam.
Though Tim has worked in many mediums, his interest as of late, centers around painting with acrylics, He devotes a good portion of his time in this persuit. "I belive I have developed a maturity and experience, in later life, that allows me to be a better artist and I hope the public likes the work I do." "I like to paint a verity of subjects such as landscapes, people, animals, buildings. Whatever takes my fancy."
Tim's work may also be seen on his web site at www,atrbytlgordon.com and is seen in local area galleries and art shows in the Four Corners area. He is a member of the Four Corners Art Assoc. and the Northwest New Mexico Arts Council and works to promote the arts and artists in his area.


Line Cabin by Timithy L Gordon


High Range Bull by Timithy L Gordon


Greive's Barn by Timithy L Gordon


Gold Across the Valley Monument Valley by Timithy L Gordon


Yearlings by Timithy L Gordon


Early Morning on the Dolores by Timithy L Gordon


COWGIRLS DO IT TOO by Timithy L Gordon




Canoeing Vallecito by Timithy L Gordon


Cabin With A View by Timithy L Gordon


BOY YOU ARE A BIG ONE by Timithy L Gordon


Always Exploring by Timithy L Gordon


On More Cup by Timithy L Gordon


AT REST by Timithy L Gordon